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Rethinking employee volunteering and business partnerships in 2022

It’s a new world we are all  navigating. Businesses are looking for different ways of working, they want to be more involved in their community and create a social impact that gives choice back to their employees.  

When we get all excited and jabber about employee volunteering, sometimes we hear ‘what even is employee volunteering anyway? And how can this help my organisation?’.  

To answer this question and others like – how will this make volunteer recruitment easier, how can we build closer relationships with the business community, and why now - our Head of Customer Engagement Sarah Johnston is hosting a free webinar with a special guest panel, exploring the different types of volunteering, from virtual to skilled, team volunteering to micro, and how that works for your organisation day-to-day.  

We’ll also be exploring the various benefits it brings including: 

  • Building stronger, informal partnerships with the business community
  • Add another tool to your volunteer recruitment belt, without adding extra work
  • Widen your net to find skilled volunteers from a variety of sectors, from marketing and web development to HR, finance and legal, and more!

If you’re considering how your nonprofit can get smarter with volunteer recruitment, then join us on Thursday 25th August from 10-11am and get in the know. 

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